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The Long Beach Junior Crew Girl’s took Cincinnati by storm at the Junior Nationals. The girl’s eight (eight on board rowing one oar each) took the lead within the first 500 meters and finished in a time of 7:08. They finished second in their first heat bringing them to one of two final races. With the second fastest time overall, the girls then won their semi-final and went on to win the trophy. Way to go, girls!

In a recent post titled Long Beach’s Best Kept Secret, I wrote about what a fun and challenging sport crewing (rowing) is and gave some information about the Long Beach Junior Crew Summer Camp, the L.B. Rowing Assoc’s Learn to Row program and the Pete Archer Rowing Center located on the north side of the Marine Stadium in Long Beach.

Also in Cincinnati, were the Junior Crew boys for a 2,000 meter race in a quad (four boys rowing 2 oars each.) Considering the fact that the boy’s team had only been put together two weeks before the regionals, it is quite an accomplishment that they qualified for the Nationals. At the Nationals, the guys qualified for the petite finals and ended up in ninth place in the nation. Great job, guys!

Although these trained athletes make it look easy, to row competitively they must train for at least two hours a day five to six days per week. Their very dedicated coaches, Bill Bader and Alfredo Montenegro, have a lot to be proud of and deserve a lot of credit for urging these althletes on to become National Champions. Kudos to the coaches!


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Looking for something fun and challenging to do this summer? A way to get some great exercise? Do you or your kids love the water? Want to meet some new people at the same time? Then head over to one of Long Beach’s best kept secrets, The Pete Archer Rowing Center at 5750 Boathouse Lane. 

Throughout the summer the Long Beach Rowing Association and Junior Crew are hosting “learn to row” morning camps for teans and evening classes for adults. Learn the basics in their recently remodeled gym on the rowing machine, commonly referred to as an “erg.”  Get the hang of actual oars out on the dock in a stationary simulated shell. In very short order you’ll be out on the water in a “quad” or an “eight” accompanied by a coach in a motor boat known as a safety launch. Too shy to learn in a group or prefer individual instruction? Boathouse captain, A.C. duPont, will work out personal coaching sessions for a very reasonable fee.

The sport of rowing’s history can be traced back to Egyptian inscriptions recorded in 1430 B.C. Venetian fetivals in the 13th century called regatas  included boat races. Races are still referred to as Regattas (with an additional “t.”) Today there are many regattas held across the U.S. for racers of all ages and skill levels.

The Pete Archer Rowing Center is home to the Cal State Long Beach Women’s and Men’s Crew, Long Beach Junior Crew and many former olympic and world rowing champions. There is even an adaptive rowing program for people with physical challenges. Rowing, or crewing, as it is often called by collegiate or high school-level athletes, is a wonderful team sport for all kids, although often overlooked in the shadow of soccer, baseball and other more popular team sports.

College crew teams often workout in the early morning hours when classes are in session; Junior crew or high-schoolers after school during the school year. Each of the collegiate teams and the junior crew have their own fleet of shells, ergs and coaches.

Summertime is the perfect time to expose your high school age son’s and daughters to this fantastic team sport. It’s always a great time for adults to get out and get going. Think of it as therapy with benefits! But before you head over to the boathouse to sign up, you might want to brush up on your crew vocabulary

Cruising around on Alamitos Bay after work. Fantastic! Meeting some very interesting amateur rowers like yourself. Stimulating! Melting some lbs. off your legs, abs, arms and tush….Big bonus! Staying for the gorgeous sunset over Marine Stadium….PRICELESS!!!

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